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There is no need to feel the heat when planning an outdoor festival. AV Chicago has suggestions on how AV technology can help you throw the event of the summer.

As winter fades and temperatures rise, thoughts of summer festivals abound. Whether it’s a concert at a block party or a multi-day festival, a lot of thought goes into making these events successful. Innovative technology like projection mapping, interactive installations, and high-quality lighting, sound, and digital displays can elevate how attendees engage with your event. Consider the following tips while tapping into AV Chicago’s tech offerings for an unforgettable event. 

Plan Early 

It’s never too early to start planning and assessing potential venues. Try to think outside the box; you never know if a new, trending location could be retrofitted for an outdoor event. Remember your vendors, including AV Chicago, and secure their services in advance. With so many events in the summer, you don’t want to be left scrambling because your preferred vendors are booked. 

Bonus Tip: Starting earlier also ensures that AV Chicago can secure new, in-demand technology to bring your vision to life. 

Embrace Technology, Elevate the Environment 

Investing in the right technology, especially for outdoor events with musical performances, contributes significantly to the overall mood and atmosphere of the event. While some venues are pre-outfitted, some are blank canvases, with limited resources available for use. AV Chicago can survey the venue and advise on a set-up that maximizes space and your budget. For example, lighting and sound can help execute an artist’s vision, while projectors and screens can showcase visual content, including videos, ads, and social media integration. 

It’s also important to consider whether AV technology can assist with guest check-in or interactive engagement, including audience polling and real-time feeds. Regardless of your ideas, sharing your plans with AV Chicago is crucial, as there may be AV components that could enhance those touchpoints.  

Enhancing Safety 

Ensuring safety in large crowds is paramount. Prioritize attendees’ well-being by implementing emergency and security protocols, including medical services, evacuation plans, and crowd control, leveraging AV technology. LED signage offers directional guidance and emergency information. A comprehensive sound system ensures clear communication of announcements, speeches, and performances, addressing concerns promptly.

Tech Support 

Most planners find logistics for an outdoor festival daunting, so partnering with AV Chicago helps alleviate any concerns about equipment setup, troubleshooting, and on-site AV support. Working with an experienced partner means having an on-site team of professionals to handle any hiccups, keep the festival running smoothly and keep your many stakeholders happy.

For example, when working on Windy City Smokeout, AV Chicago supported each performer and stage crew with sound checks and managing video feeds and graphics. They also organized logos, graphics, and videos for over 16 sponsors, ensuring everything was broadcast clearly and kept to a schedule. AV Chicago’s hands-on approach took many day-of requests off the organizers’ plates and helped make the event a success. 

Sustainability Matters 

Incorporating sustainable practices into your festival is paramount. Effective waste management practices, renting décor, and implementing food waste prevention strategies are just a few ways your event can reduce its environmental footprint. A partner like AV Chicago can help by using energy-efficient equipment or employing digital signage to reduce paper signs, allowing your AV needs to go green, too. 

As you plan your summer festival, remember that creating an unforgettable experience requires thorough consideration and innovative thinking. Working with AV Chicago’s experienced team, you can rest easy knowing they will execute your vision, producing a festival experience attendees will treasure for years.

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