In General

What is Projection Mapping?

When you think of projection mapping, your first thought may be the showstopping openings during basketball or hockey games or the intricate projections seen on the side of large buildings. But as with everything, projection mapping can be as simple or complex as you need it to be and is an ideal way to create an immersive experience your event attendees are unlikely to forget. 

Projection mapping allows you to create interactive canvases on a variety of surfaces. Textures and colors can add to the overall atmosphere, transforming a rather simple space into anything you want it to be. Working with a technology provider, they will work with you to plan out the number of projectors needed, the best software to use, and any of the other technical considerations involved in the process. When looking to use projection mapping to create some ‘wow’ as part of your next event, here are some things to be aware of and keep in mind. 

The Right Surface 

The first step when considering projection mapping as part of your next event is to ensure you have the right space or surface to project upon. You will need something that is flat enough to reflect light and has limited surface texture. For example, a red brick surface will be more difficult than a smooth white surface for images to appear upon and pop. 

Exact Colors 

When using basic lighting to add atmosphere and interest at your event, you will be limited in your color choices. When using projection mapping for lighting purposes, you can recreate color swatches perfectly and be able to create a great deal of interest just through the use of color. 

Event Sponsor Branding 

Event planners are always looking for unique and interesting ways to incorporate sponsors into an event. Using projection mapping, custom designs can be created using a sponsor’s logo or branding and can be projected throughout specific areas at the event. This could be something that could elevate sponsorship packages and help bring in additional revenue or bring in new sponsors looking for more unique benefits. 


Some event spaces are not outfitted with digital displays, making it more difficult to display video content throughout the event. Instead of bringing in digital displays, projection mapping can be used to display video content that can serve as a visual backdrop or add to the event décor, interacting with event attendees in a subtle but impactful way. 

Making an Entrance 

Another ideal way to use projection mapping is within entranceways (archways, etc.) and other areas attendees can walk through. Keeping the content simple and using colors to draw attention, attendees will feel immediate excitement and intrigue from the moment they arrive at your event. On the flip side, projection mapping is also an interesting way to distract from spaces that may be under renovation or repair, putting the focus on the projections instead. 


For those looking for more intricate content than colors and basic patterns, you will want to work with a specialist to design it specifically for your event to ensure it will project properly and clearly within your space. For those not looking to spend the extra money on custom content, there is a great deal of stock content available, making projection mapping possible within any event budget. 

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