In General

Gone are the days when event planners have to rely on printed signage placed throughout a venue to share important organizational information, event directives, and other valuable information. With the cost of digital signage becoming more cost-effective and affordable, nonprofit organizations and their event planners can choose to rent digital displays to present a variety of content that can be easily changed out and updated throughout the event. Here are some potential ideas to use digital signage to better engage with your event attendees while encouraging them to make an impactful donation during your event.

Impact Stories

During your event, you want the impact of your work to be on full display, leaving attendees with a better understanding of the difference a possible donation to your organization can make. Using digital displays, you can present photos, videos, testimonials, and case studies that attendees can view throughout the event venue. If you have the time and ability, you could even make case study videos or interview those impacted or involved with your work to add better context and bring the work of your organization to life.

For every $1 donated……

Donors like to understand how their donation will impact your organization. You can create graphics that contain information like, “For a donation of $50, we will be able to feed 10 dogs in our shelter for a week.” This helps your attendees better visualize the difference a donation makes and could possibly encourage them to give more.

Fundraising Tracker

As fundraising efforts are conducted throughout the event, attendees can follow along in real-time to see how much the event is raising compared to the event goal. Most attendees are probably familiar with the thermometer tracking and that provides some added excitement to the event as the tracker goes higher and higher. Feel free to get creative with your tracker (i.e., if you’re a hunger-relief charity, it can fill up with food as the tracker goes up). You could even have special announcements or music playing when you reach certain donation milestones on your way to your final goal.

Live Feed of Donations

Make your attendees feel acknowledged for the donations they make during the event by displaying a scrolling feed of donations as they are placed. Using information received through your event donation platform, donors will enjoy seeing their efforts recognized and for those not interested in that level of acknowledgment, they can select to remain anonymous when they place the donation.

 Social Media Stream

Using an established event hashtag, you can encourage attendees to post about your event (and organization) on their social media pages and display a stream of content on the displays throughout the venue. This will give attendees another way to engage further with your event and will also spread the word about your organization as you are highlighted across an attendee’s social media network.

Displaying QR Codes

QR codes have made an amazing resurgence during the pandemic, giving attendees a touch-free way to engage directly through their phones. Codes can be created and displayed on digital displays that can push attendees to donate, bid on auction items, or join organizational mailing lists.

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