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Case Study: CTC Honda

Building on a long-standing partnership, AV Chicago recently collaborated with CTC Destination Management  (CTC) to elevate the experience of a special evening hosted by Honda, which followed a series of company meetings at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, IL. Known for their expertise in all areas of event production, including logistics, marketing, and promotions, CTC has entrusted AV Chicago to integrate industry-leading AV technology into their events, guaranteeing memorable experiences for their expansive roster of clients. 

Giving Honda employees the chance to network with numerous invited clients and representatives, the party featured live music, delicious food, and a spirited central bar, creating a vibrant atmosphere for employees to unwind after a productive day of meetings. The event featured no formal structured programming, allowing guests to focus on mingling and thoroughly enjoying the evening. 

During the event, AV Chicago managed the audio, lighting, and staging, partnering with three unions to construct various AV elements, including unloading all trucks, bringing gear into the venue, and supporting electrical needs like rigging and powering all lighting and audio equipment. Union members also worked as lighting board operators, partnering with AV Chicago’s lighting designer to ensure the atmosphere matched Honda’s expectations. AV Chicago seamlessly integrated the union labor workers with their own personnel, which included a team of two audio experts, one lighting designer, and a project manager. 

When addressing the audio, AV Chicago worked closely with the band to supply and test microphones while facilitating inputs for their instruments and vocals. AV Chicago chose to utilize their own PA system for the event, providing them greater control and capabilities within the ballroom. 

Lighting configurations included two distinct rigs: one focused entirely on the band’s performance and another transforming the ballroom ambiance into a more joyous party environment. When installing the rigs, it was important for the team to be aware of all union regulations that needed to be adhered to, which required precision and close attention to detail by every team member. Union members were also helpful in guiding AV Chicago through the various statutes to be upheld. 

In the center of the room, a large model of Chicago was constructed, which required proper, focused lighting to enable it to stand out within the crowded space, adding to the event’s overall visual appeal. 

AV Chicago always strives to be Show Ready and making sure the team is knowledgeable on the technology for every event is important. To ensure the team was ready members of the technical team set time aside ahead of the events to familiarize themselves with the gear before load-in began. Even with unfamiliar personnel and tight time frames, the load-in process went seamlessly, and the entire team was show-ready in no time. CTC prep work further supported this, ensuring everything was confirmed in advance, and limited adjustments had to be made at the last minute. Clear directives from Honda also allowed the team to focus on deliverables rather than constantly adapting to changing event elements.  

Facilitated by CTC’s precise event requirements, AV Chicago fostered an environment built on trust amongst all team members, allowing for collaborative decision-making with the various parties involved. Effective communication and proactive planning between AV Chicago and CTC also minimized last-minute adjustments, contributing to the event’s success. 

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