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Six Ways to Create More Sustainable Events

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, finding ways to prioritize sustainability in your event planning process is essential. It may also be something your event attendees and sponsors ask about and expect you to address and have a plan for. Here are some practical tips and strategies to ensure you take the appropriate measures to make your next event as sustainable as possible. 

Energy-Efficient AV Equipment 

Talk with your AV provider about using devices with high energy efficiency ratings, such as ENERGY STAR-certified products. Using LED products, for instance, consume less power and last longer. Opting for projectors with lower energy consumption can also make a significant difference. Additionally, reduce waste by using rechargeable batteries for wireless microphones and other devices.

Optimize Equipment Usage

Efficiently managing the usage of your equipment is crucial for reducing energy consumption and waste. Start by ensuring that equipment is turned off when not in use, including screens, cameras, and sound systems. Implement power management settings to automatically put devices into standby mode when inactive for a certain period. It’s also essential to schedule rehearsals and run-throughs to minimize equipment setup time and avoid unnecessary usage.

Enhance Digital Content Delivery

Embrace digital content delivery methods to eliminate the need for printed materials. Instead of distributing handouts and agendas, provide attendees with digital copies via email or event apps. Utilize digital signage and screens to display event schedules, announcements, and sponsor information. Not only does this minimize paper waste, but it also allows for real-time updates and flexibility. Many events are also taking advantage of the growing adoption of QR codes and displaying them digitally to share event information. 

Proper Waste Management

Speak with your event venue about effective waste management practices. Set up clearly labeled recycling bins for attendees to dispose of their waste correctly. Provide separate bins for paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials. Speak with your AV company to ensure equipment or packaging waste is also adequately recycled or disposed of. 

Shop Local for Decor

Find a local decor provider to rent decor rather than use single-use items that will just be thrown away. For any perishable decor items, like flowers, connect with local nonprofits or other organizations where the flowers could be donated to be enjoyed further after your event.

Sustainable Food Waste

Food waste is one of the most significant contributors to global warming. Connect with your caterer to ensure appropriate portions are provided and any leftover food is composted or disposed of sustainably. Discuss plans to have any excess food rescued by a local food recovery organization in your region, ensuring the food is not wasted and that those in need within your community are provided for. You can also ask your caterer about sustainable packaging, tableware, and cutlery options to use at the event.


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