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Innovative Adaptive Technology at AV Chicago with EAW AC6 Column Speakers

AV Chicago is thrilled to announce the purchase of twelve EAW AC6 Column Speakers, using this innovative adaptive technology to elevate the audio experience for their client’s events. AV Chicago will be one of the first events companies in the country to use this technology for live events. Providing high-performance sound amplification, the AC6 is a one-stop solution that will allow AV Chicago to work within any venue and produce high-quality sound using a minimal
number of speakers. Previously known for its use in fixed, permanent installs, AV Chicago is thrilled to share how this innovative technology will be a game-changer for the events industry and your next event.

Adaptive Technology

Powered by adaptive technology, each speaker provides vertical coverage that can be customized to the venue to ensure even sound coverage. AV Chicago technicians can change how narrow or wide the sound is through a completely digital network, providing events with the most accurate sound coverage in the fastest way possible. With accurate tonal quality, the experience is the same no matter where you are in relation to the speaker. It will also provide a similar experience to everyone in the room, making it ideal for concerts looking to offer the same audio experience to
those in the front rows and those in the back.

Minimal Footprint, Better Sound Coverage

The number of speakers will no longer hinder sound coverage. Events can still have the sleek column aesthetic but will be able to digitally steer the sound for greater control of the sound direction. They will be ideal for settings like hotel ballrooms where you can get away with using fewer speakers to do more work and provide increased sound coverage. EAW doesn’t utilize “beam forming” technology and uses its patented adaptive technology to deliver consistent sound coverage while avoiding reflective surfaces like walls or balcony faces. This coverage is
controlled by EAW’s award-winning Resolution 2 software.

Easy Technology to Deploy

With a modular design and full serviceability capabilities from the front of the unit, the AC6 is one of the easiest-to-service column loudspeakers on the market. They can be used without cumbersome tools, allowing our technicians to assemble them easily and quickly. Due to its adaptive technology, the array doesn’t have to be moved to change the sound distribution or direction. The whole array can be left on, and the energy can be refocused to where you want it to go, allowing it to adapt to any situation or environment.

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