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Gala Fatigue? Try these Creative Fundraising Ideas Instead 

When planning a fundraising event, many organizations’ first thought is to hold a gala, a trusted event for nonprofits to raise funds and celebrate their donors. But that isn’t the only option. It’s essential to take the time to think about if a gala is a suitable event for your organization. Maybe your organization attracts a younger demographic or has a casual, more approachable brand. An extravagant, upscale gala may not fit and could send the wrong message. That’s why it’s essential to find a fundraising event that matches YOUR organization. 

Luckily, there are a lot of creative event options your organization can plan……..


Chef Dinner at Home

Capitalize on the comforts of home by mobilizing your most passionate supporters to host a fundraising dinner in their own homes. Your organization can have a representative attend in person or livestream into the event to give a speech and interact with attendees. Your host can be your strongest advocate and set a fundraising goal for their dinner. If your organization has local ties to restaurants or wine providers, brainstorm with them on ways to make the evening memorable through a donated wine pairing or even a local chef assisting with the menu planning or even the cooking.


BBQ Fundraiser

Worried that the formal nature of a gala isn’t the right style for your supporters? Partnering with a local farm or another outdoor event venue, you can host an old-fashioned BBQ where attendees can enjoy a beer, a rack of ribs, and some local music or entertainment. Food and beverage stations can be sponsored by local restaurants or purveyors, providing them with awareness while supporting their local community. In between performances, your organization could have displays sharing content about your organization or display auction items to increase the amount raised from the event.


Trivia Night Fundraiser

Local bars have long capitalized on the popularity of trivia nights, and so can your organization. Encourage your supporters to form teams, requiring each team to fundraise a certain amount to participate in your trivia competition. Each group would be provided a personal fundraising page to raise funds leading up to the event, making it easy to send to friends and family or share on social media. All the funds would be raised prior, so you would know how much is raised and celebrate the results the night of the event. 

Community Art Show 

Does your organization have close ties to local artists? Showcase their talent by having them donate a piece of work for a community-based art show in support of your organization. Attendees will have the opportunity to not only purchase work from a community artist but know that their purchase will also benefit a worthy cause. If your organization works with children, use this as an opportunity to include their works in the show, giving them the thrill of displaying their artwork and possibly experiencing the excitement of their first sale. 


Talent Show Fundraiser

Building on the popularity of reality competitions like Dancing with the Stars or American Idol, showcase the talent in your community while raising funds for your organization. Look to engage well-known community members to participate, helping to increase awareness and possibly introduce your organization to a new base of donors. A mobile voting system allows attendees to vote for their favorite contestant, or you could even do a donate-to-vote system to increase the funds raised during the event. You could also sell virtual tickets and live stream the event, allowing people to experience the event regardless of location.


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Gala image example table setting with chandelier center piece.

At Home Chef

At home chef example with pots and pan on stove.
At Home Chef

Trivia Night

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Trivia Night

Art Show

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Art Show