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A Closer Look: Theatrixx NOMAD 2.6 LED

AV Chicago is proud to be one of the first ten companies in the United States to receive and deploy the Theatrixx NOMAD 2.6 LED in the United States. These high-quality LED displays provide sharp visuals and increased durability through their exclusive TPEP technology (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection), limiting their need for repairs that could make them unavailable for future events. Our team worked closely with Theatrixx when choosing this product, visiting their facilities in Canada to test and view the product first-hand before deploying it. We now own and house 200 panels that are available for events ranging from the World Fantasy Baseball Classic in partnership with FanDuel to countless music and entertainment events all over the country. This product is ideal for events of any size and has allowed us to tackle unique deployment ideas, allowing our partners to deliver event experiences unlike any other.

Pixel Durability 

The NOMAD 2.6 LED has addressed one of the most significant barriers to adopting fine pixel-pitch LED for use at events with their TPEP technology. This technology provides a coating for additional module protection, significantly reducing the possibility of damage to the corner and edge pixels. Exclusive to NOMAD, this technology was developed after surveying and designing LED displays within the most demanding environments. During events, these tiles have a high risk of being bumped and banged, and this extra level of protection alleviates the headaches that go along with any possible pixel damage. This also helps when storing the panels in our warehouse. Their durability makes them less likely to be damaged during transport, relieving our team of needing to replace modules or pixels that have gone bad due to damage. It’s also easy to quickly turn them around for use at other events, allowing us to take on additional events during that time.


Clear LED Visuals 

As one of the first LED displays on the market with a refresh rate of 7,680 Hz, the NOMAD offers incredible depth and dynamic range, providing clear and crisp visuals no matter the setting. No matter the event, we can provide stunning visuals that light levels or variable weather conditions will not impact.


An Adaptable Tool

One of our favorite things about the NOMAD is its adaptability, allowing us to use them in various ways for our partners creatively. Whether building columns with it on trucks or rigging it from the ceiling, the NOMAD can be used in unique and fun designs that can excite and entertain audiences. Using its rotary angle hub system, the modules are curvable at +/- 2.5 and 5 degrees, impacting how they can be placed and increasing visual sight lines. It’s exciting for our team to know that anything is possible and that any idea can be considered and brought to life.


Top Tier Customer Service 

AV Chicago is always looking to provide its partners with exemplary customer service, and we strive to work with partners that offer the same level of service. Theatrixx provides 24/7 industry-leading customer service and support, and we know that no matter what, whether first thing in the morning or the middle of the night, Theatrixx will work with us to ensure we’re show-ready for our clients. The modules also can be serviced in the rear or front due to magnetic modules, making it easy for our team to service them with limited assistance from the team at Theatrixx.


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Theatrixx Logo

Theatrixx Logo

Theatrix Nomad 2.6

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Theatrixx Nomad 2.6

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Back of Theatrix Nomad 2.6
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Nomad in Action with AV Chicago


Another Nomad in Action with AV Chicago