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FanDuel recently brought its World Fantasy Baseball Championship to Chicago in September, allowing AV Chicago the opportunity to elevate the outdoor viewing and betting experience for fantasy finalists from all across the country. With finalists competing for a share of $2,000,000 in prize money, it was essential to build a structure that enabled outdoor viewing of multiple baseball games simultaneously, providing a weekend filled with good food, baseball, and of course, fantasy competition.

AV Chicago began working on concept renderings in April for what was to become an immersive LED cube built upon an existing shipping container-style pergola outside Recess, a Chicago-based restaurant and bar that served as host for the event. The cube consisted of three sides filled with Theatrixx NOMAD 2.6 LED paneling and 12 strategically placed speakers based on each side’s unique configurations. It was specifically designed to show multiple baseball games simultaneously on each side so the finalists could focus on the specific games they were betting on. DirectTV helped provide access to every game, ensuring no one was missing out on any of the action.

Our 13-person team did everything onsite, including managing content, building the truss for the cube, and overall set-up. The team conducted a dry run the day before the event, allowing them to load all of the audio and video equipment on that day. The LED panels and build-out of the cube were left for Friday, allowing the team to dedicate the time and precision needed to build out a unique install like this.

It was a tight turnaround on Friday, and the team had to address some last-minute requests and changes, including adjusting a side of the cube after it had already been built due to content changes. Needing to change which side the LED screens were mounted on, our team quickly pivoted the design and was ready for the Friday festivities with 15 minutes to spare. The day ended up being a 19-hour day for some of our crew members, with a few games pushing into extra innings and lasting till 1 am. The design worked just as expected, and attendees were thrilled to be able to consume all of the baseball action in one compact location.

After a successful event on Friday, the festivities were dark on Saturday. Sunday brought another complicating factor; the weather. Pouring rain pushed the event inside, and our team had to do an emergency shop run to obtain a projector and screen to complement the TV already inside the venue. Everything made it in time so attendees could enjoy NFL kickoff and other sporting events that day, while the outdoor equipment had to endure the elements outside in the rain. Luckily, the technology is meant to withstand such a beating, allowing it to be ready to return to the field for other upcoming events after a short visit and clean-up at our shop.

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FanDuel Cube Rendering

A rendering of the final FanDuel cube for the event in summer of 2022.
FanDuel Event Cube Rendering A rendering of the FanDuel Event Cube

FanDuel Cube in Process

FanDuel Cube being assembled by AV Chicago team.
FanDuel Cube In ProcessFanDuel Cube being assembled by AV Chicago Team

FanDuel Cube Final Project

Final FanDuel cube result with screens lit up at night around a crowd.
Final FanDuel CubeThe final FanDuel Cube in action