In General

The season of holiday parties is finally upon us and sadly, Covid didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t invited. While event planners continue to navigate the pandemic, many are looking for creative ways to engage with in-person attendees that won’t neglect those experiencing the event virtually. Here are five ways to keep all your attendees engaged as you spread holiday cheer and merriment.

  1. Mobile games

One thing is for certain, many people attending your event, in-person and virtually, will have access to a mobile phone. There are plenty of mobile games available to share with attendees, some even incorporating VR like Acron. Acorn has one player using a single VR headset while others can play on their mobile/tablet devices. The VR experience could be in a central location at the in-person event and others within the venue, and experiencing the event at home, can play against them with their phone.

  1. Music Playlists

One of the joys of holiday parties is getting to see your friends and collogues getting down on the dance floor. Virtual attendees can still enjoy the same playlist as the in-person event through a service like Jukebox that allows virtual and in-person attendees to contribute to the event playlist. This way, everyone is jamming out to the same playlist and making sure their DJ requests are considered.

  1. Do it yourself kits

If you’re attending from home, you’re may find yourself missing all the delicious food and creative cocktails that you often enjoy at a holiday party. Event planners can make everyone feel included by sending home personalized party kits with food, supplies to make your own cocktails, and other fun party favors. It’s a great personal touch that ensures that every attendee can enjoy a special night.

  1. Individual parties

For those looking to avoid large groups this holiday season, event planners could encourage groups of attendees to hold small gatherings. These gatherings could be streamed into the in-person event or attendees could be encouraged to share photos and videos from their personal gatherings. Party planners could also send group party kits to these homes to help elevate the virtual experience. Each party could even have different themes or tie into the main theme of the party.

  1. Interactive games through Zoom

There are plenty of interactive gaming options that can be played through Zoom. Jackbox Games offers party pack games that can be installed on your laptop through a Stream account. The Stream window can then be shared through the Zoom room with all attendees. After that, the game does the rest! Attendees will be able to log into the Party Pack through direct links on their cell phones to answer questions and participate in the game. Most of the games in the Party Pack allow for eight players or you can create teams to include more attendees.