In General

While many of us will only accept an Oscar within our own bathroom mirrors, award ceremonies can be an ideal way for companies to highlight the achievements of their employees or those contributing and making a difference within their community. With companies and organizations still going back and forth between in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, it’s important to find creative ways to engage with your audience while making it an experience your winners are unlikely to forget. Here are some unique ways to help your next award ceremony stand out from the rest.

  1. Award Winner Slide

Creating personalized slides for each individual winner can highlight their positive qualities and help the audience understand the reasons why they were selected as one of the winners. Don’t be afraid to work with each winner to include photos of them in action, interacting with co-workers or community members, and if appropriate, a personal photo that showcases their personality. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, try including videos of the winners showcasing all the ways they go above and beyond in their daily work or work within the community.

  1. Play-On Music

Hype up your audience, and your award winners, with engaging music choices to help bring people on and off stage during the event. This could be a great personal touch for award winners and allow them to pick a song that connects with them and shares their personality further with the audience. Also, it is an ideal way to cover any awkward transition times or dead air.

  1. Testimonials

Nothing is more touching than hearing from a close colleague, manager, or client about the difference you have made. Using recorded testimonials is a great way to introduce each award winner and will be something each winner never forgets. These testimonials can also be compiled and shared on social media or a website to further promote the winners and the award program as a whole.

  1. Invest in Trophies

Select a trophy that not only represents your brand and industry but one that winners will be honored to showcase in their homes or offices. The right trophy may drive up your overall costs but will have your award winners walking away feeling valued and respected. You can also do a quick photoshoot when the trophies arrive and use them as a way to build excitement around your event. You could even treat the trophy like flat Stanley and have it photographed in various locations in your community.

  1. Swag Bags

Help award winners, and audience members, remember your special event with swag bags filled with branded items and other goodies. Having your event in person? This is a perfect way to provide some personal safety items, like hand sanitizers and masks, but brand them for your event. Still, having your event virtually? There are plenty of ways to create a virtual swag bag, including various digital giveaways, that will increase engagement with event attendees while removing the costly shipping costs of physical swag bags.