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Expanding upon our long-time partnership with akire productions, AV Chicago headed down to beautiful Key Biscayne for an event at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami, for a large corporate meeting. The event was an Employee Summit for various senior-level leadership members. It consisted of a main general session, taking place in The Ritz Carlton Ballroom, and a smaller session in the Ponce de Leon, an intimate foyer area where AV Chicago provided smaller-scale production support for select VIP attendees. 

Within the ballroom, AV Chicago deployed a large-scale Absen AT3 LED video wall that was 30 feet by 12 feet. This video wall hosted all of the event’s primary content in full raster, including video feeds of keynote speakers and panels and hype videos to further engage with attendees during the event. The wall was managed through an Aquilon RS2 multi-destination switching system by Analog Way. The switcher controlled all of the event graphics and any other content featured. Lighting was done through a simple stage wash, allowing the focus to be on the speakers and the content displayed on the large-scale LED. Novastar 4K LED Processing helped ensure the team could meet any on-site configuration requirements for the LED display. 

AV Chicago supplied the Shure Axient Wireless microphone system, which deployed 20 channels to support the event’s various audio needs. The Yamaha QL5 series was used as the front-end mixer. AV Chicago also deployed the EAW AC6 column array speaker system, which helped distribute the sound equally throughout the venue. The video needs for the smaller sessions were more straightforward, so only basic video switching was required. The sessions were more laid-back than the main ballroom, with programming consisting of PowerPoint presentations and panel discussions among the senior staff members in attendance. 

AV Chicago filled most of the staffing positions to manage the event, including 5 lead technical experts from Chicago to handle the audio, video, graphics, lighting, and project management. They also sought additional support from local labor companies to fill positions for camera operations and other day-of technical needs. Once the team arrived on site, there wasn’t much time to construct everything before rehearsals for the event began. This required the team to quickly put their game plan in place to ensure things were ready in time for rehearsals. 

Once the event began, the team had another logistical hurdle to overcome: the loss of power on the entire island of Key Biscayne. While the presenters were on stage, the hotel experienced a complete power loss, luckily for only a few minutes. AV Chicago kept their team together to begin addressing it, and before they knew it, the power was restored, and they could continue safely with the program. Many of the AV Chicago team had never experienced a total power loss in a ballroom like that, so it’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected. 

The AV Chicago team also had to adapt to last-minute graphic change requests. The client had a whole graphics team working around the clock editing and building PowerPoint and video content up until the moment it would go live. AV Chicago’s graphics operator was in constant contact with the end client throughout the program to ensure all last-minute changes were incorporated.

Despite the challenges, the event was a resounding success, demonstrating the resilience and expertise of the AV Chicago team. From managing high-tech equipment to adapting to unexpected power outages, AV Chicago showcased their dedication to delivering seamless and impactful production support. Their ability to collaborate closely with akire productions and respond promptly to -the client’s last-minute graphic changes ensured a smooth and professional experience for all attendees. This event in Key Biscayne highlighted the strength of AV Chicago’s commitment to excellence, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable partner in the event production industry. AV Chicago proves once again they are always #ShowReady, no matter the circumstances.

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