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Due to its affordability and ever-expanding capabilities, vMix has become one of the most popular live streaming and video production software solutions on the market. Considered the industry standard by many of the world’s leading broadcasters, vMIx’s affordability and ease of use make it an ideal choice for a variety of venues, including remote locations, schools, churches, and other businesses and organizations looking for a platform that provides live streaming, recording, and IP video connectivity all through a single computer.

With an active online community, thousands of instructional YouTube videos encourage users to collaborate and learn how to turn their Windows-based computer into their own personal video production studio. The software is free to try for the first 60 days, giving anyone interested the ability to try it before purchasing. Thinking about taking the plunge? Here are some benefits you can take advantage of for your video production needs.

Empowers Virtual and Hybrid Event Producers

Our experts find that the software is best suited for virtual events and video recording. This is due to latency issues that can cause frame sync issues that can be distracting during in-person events, which is not a problem when using it for virtual events and live streaming. Unlike other conferencing solutions, vMix, through the use of vMix Call, allows you to take in eight separate remote presenters and customize what they see, including viewing other speakers or event slides and providing notes from event producers. It also has Integrated Automatic Mix Minus that eliminates echoes and poor sound quality that is often found in using other platforms.

Get Rid of Racks and Stacks of Gear

vMix allows you to eliminate the need for a lot of external equipment, including racks and stacks of gear, helping you save money and the time it takes to interface all of that equipment. The only downside is that you end up putting all your eggs in one basket so if your computer crashes, you’re going to be left scrambling.

Outstanding Media Player, Audio Tools and Controls

The software has the ability to operate as a media player, giving users the capabilities to play video clips and stills. It also has a built-in graphics engine, allowing you to design customizable lower thirds, countdown timers, tickers, and text graphics. vMix also has flexible audio tools and controls that allow users to add dedicated audio sources, including the options to follow, delay, or mute any source.

Live Streaming in SD, full HD, and 4K

vMix is an ideal solution for those looking to live stream SD, full HD, and 4K video sources, including images, video files, cameras, PowerPoint, and DVDS. It has multi-streaming capabilities, allowing you to stream live to up to three social media platforms at the same time. You can also seamlessly transition from one input to another and it has a clearly designed layout for you to easily view all of your video sources at once.

vMix Instant Replay Perfect for School Sporting Events

Many schools are turning to vMix to help with their production needs for various school sporting events. The software has a scoreboard module and instant replay capabilities that allows operators the ability to keep spectators informed and engaged

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