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Take AV Chicago On The Road

Those who have worked with AV Chicago recognize the value of their show-ready standards, and that’s something you can’t leave at home. 

Did you know AV Chicago will travel nationwide to support your next event? It’s true! Whether it’s a series of multi-city brand activations or an offsite business meeting, clients can take AV Chicago’s reliable, industry-leading service on the road. There’s nothing like knowing your event is in familiar, trustworthy hands. 

AV Chicago often partners with Akire Productions, a Chicago-based event production company. After successful collaborations, including a corporate meeting and party at The Salt Shed, Akire invited AV Chicago to assist with a high-level summit in Key Biscayne, Florida. 

Partnering with AV Chicago allowed Akire to collaborate with team members they were already familiar with and integrate technology that had elevated their previous events. There was already an established relationship and way of communicating, which helped streamline and coordinate logistics from afar with various stakeholders while meeting Akire’s expectations. AV Chicago looks forward to partnering with Akire for upcoming events in New York and Minnesota. 

Bringing AV Chicago on the road also means their connections are now yours. AV Chicago is a proud member of the Event Production Network (EPN), a collaborative network of live event organizations in the United States and Canada. By leveraging these relationships, AV Chicago can tap into various resources nationwide to provide cost-effective, reliable solutions no matter where the event occurs. They can also coordinate with local partners if additional onsite support is needed. 

Keys to Bringing an AV Provider on the Road

Even though you will be working with a familiar, trusted partner, it’s important to remember AV Chicago’s tips to ensure the success of your event.

  • No matter where your event is, involving your AV provider from the outset allows them to assess, plan, and streamline event logistics. This also provides them ample time to determine whether they must conduct site visits if that is within the event budget. 
  • Concerning the budget, communicate with your provider about limitations and know that travel may incur additional costs. To ensure expectations align with the budget, AV Chicago discusses these considerations in advance so they can completely understand the budget and work creatively within it. 
  • Be clear concerning expectations. Discussing your vision or creative inspiration with your AV provider ahead of time gives them time to source equipment and staff locally and bring your ideas to life. 
  • Make sure to introduce your AV provider to your stakeholders, including the event venue, so they can work together. This way your provider will be aware and manage  restrictions or limitations that could impact load-in, set-up, or operation. 

AV Chicago is known for always being show-ready, and that isn’t location-specific. Regardless of where your event occurs, AV Chicago will bring its trusted expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence. Through proactive planning, a focused approach to client needs, and leveraging regional industry partnerships, AV Chicago continues to set the standard for AV excellence, which you want for all your events, regardless of location.

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