In General

Anne Celino is definitely one of AV Chicago’s most superpowered employees. Although her title is office manager, she has her hands in human resources, bookkeeping, planning events, building websites, and a hundred other things that no one else even knows about. In fact, there is a good chance she is going to proofread this article after it’s written. Her dedication to her work is extreme. She has been with AV Chicago for two and a half years, but before that, she worked at a doctor’s office for eleven years. This is the second job she has ever had. 

Where does Anne’s power come from? She claims, “white rice”. She eats rice every day and even brings containers of rice into restaurants that don’t serve it. Rice is pretty great, but it probably isn’t the sole secret of Anne’s success. Anne enjoys interacting with people, overcoming challenges, and learning new skills. All these things are a big part of any position at AV Chicago. 

Anne isn’t all about work though. She also likes checking out new restaurants and milk tea shops and snapping Insta-worthy photos. To quote Anne, “The camera eats first!” She also enjoys traveling. A couple of years ago, she went to Hawaii and loved it. She especially liked that each island has its own style and flavor. “From rainforest life to city life, Hawaii has it all.” She really wants to visit Thailand. “Its culture has always fascinated me, and I love their food!” 

Anne lives with Abby, her 9-year-old pitbull, and Ken, her husband. Ken is a pretty funny guy. Anne, you should bring him around more often.