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Live Streaming to Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

Even though in-person events are going strong again, that doesn’t mean your organization shouldn’t look at virtual, or hybrid events, offerings and events as an additional opportunity to raise funds. These offerings could be done in conjunction with a live event or on their own, allowing you to engage with supporters that may not live close enough to participate in your in-person offerings. With the power of live streaming, professional cameras, and video recording, these additional offerings may be just what you need to meet or exceed your yearly fundraising goals. Here are a few ideas of virtual events or offerings that can easily be live-streamed or recorded for supporters to experience on demand.


Cooking or Mixology Class 

Team up with your favorite local chef or mixologist to provide supporters an inside look at the creation of their beloved dishes and cocktails. The event could be live-streamed and recorded, increasing the number of people who could access and enjoy the content for a set fee or donation. This could also expand your awareness to their patrons and supporters who may not be familiar with your organization’s work.


Fitness Classes 

The pandemic forced many to bring their workouts home, with some choosing to invest in home gyms or costly equipment. Encourage your supporters to get those daily workouts in by partnering with a well-known fitness instructor. Whether a weekly offering or a one-time event, supporters can purchase tickets or be provided access to the programs on demand.


Stream Tours and Experiences 

Who doesn’t love a sneak peek or behind-the-scenes access to something they rarely get to experience? Whether taking your supporters backstage of your latest production or giving them tours of your museum or upcoming exhibition, virtual tours or offerings give supporters worldwide the opportunity to experience your venue or upcoming programming. These could also be offered in person for those local or who desire an up close and personal look.



Allow your supporters to experience their favorite bands or artists from the comfort of their own homes. This is a great perk for your biggest supporters or members and could be an incentive to encourage donations. The artist you partner with could encourage those listening to donate during the event, and push notifications in your live streaming platform could make the donation link or QR code to donate readily accessible during the event.


Fashion Show 

Live stream from the catwalk with an exclusive fashion show in support of your organization, showing off the latest trends and fashions. Teaming up with local stores or designers, well-known residents or celebrities could participate as models in the show, and could even manage a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to raise funds in support of their participation. 

You could even have a competition amongst the models and see who can raise the most funds! 



Dedicated trivia lovers can form teams and compete in a virtual trivia night, with proceeds and winnings going to support your organization’s work and mission. Members of your organization could put together questions and moderate the virtual competition. You could even theme the questions to connect to your organization’s work and mission. 


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Mixology Class

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Museum Tour
Museum Tour

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