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As virtual events became a necessity, so did having high-quality, professional content. No longer could executives, event emcees, and other presenters get away with shooting in a poorly lit basement, or with subpar audio or a poorly composed image, and expect to attract attendees. In addition to better conveying a message, increased production values also help hold an audience’s attention.

AV Chicago, an Illinois-based provider of AV production and event management services, recognized the industry’s changing expectations with regard to streaming and worked on developing a scalable solution. In early 2021, AV Chicago teamed up with Chop Shop—a Chicago butcher, deli, restaurant, and bar—to reimagine Chop Shop’s 6,000-square-foot event space and concert venue and create a state-of-the-art, broadcast-quality production studio.

“It started from a desire to solve client needs but has turned into a long-term initiative to build our hybrid event solution,” said Justin Frick, co-owner/president of AV Chicago and the visionary behind the Studio at Chop Shop.

To read more about the installation and how our team saved the day, read the full article in Systems Contractor News.


AV Chicago’s is on the cover of SCN!