What’s an #AVTweep, you ask? There’s a community of audio-visual professionals that communicates on Twitter – simple as that! It’s a really fun, smart community of folks who use this online space to exchange ideas, jokes, snarky comments (all in good fun, of course), and industry news.

This “AV” industry we’re in is part live events, part “integration” (permanent installations of the equipment). Every now and then, the @AVHashtag twitter account will start a hashtag that everyone responds to, and this fall a good one was #avPSA – the task was to post advice you’d like everyone to learn, and the responses were funny! Mark Coxon, for example, posted a video plea…


The above post got the highest engagement, with just cause!

Our industry does a great job of posting really great content – audio, visual, and the written word, so we thought we’d share a list of really great accounts. While we hope our blog will get added to other lists, here are are some of the top blogs and podcasts in the industry.


Event Tech Podcast – http://eventtech.co/

MHO – My Humble Opinion (part of AV Nation) – https://podfanatic.com/podcast/mho

Meetings Podcast – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/meetings-podcast/id279079583?mt=2

Event Icons – http://helloendless.com/category/eventicons/

rAVe Pubs Radio – http://www.ravepubs.com/rave-pubs/radio/


AV Nation – they have a series of very smart podcasts & blogs – https://www.avnation.tv/catego…

Event Manager Blog – http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/

AV Network – http://www.avnetwork.com/blogs


Audio Visual Bend – http://www.avbend.com/blog/

EventCollab – https://blog.eventcollab.com/

Endless Entertainment – http://helloendless.com/blog/

Mark Coxon’s blog – http://www.ravepubs.com/author/mark/

Corey Moss’ blog – https://convergenttechblog.com/

Women In AV – http://womeninav.com/blog/

I’ve been most impressed by the consistent shows and blog posts by each of these people and organizations. I always feel more like part of the community when I have the chance to see, hear, and interact with the smart folks who belong to it.

What about you – do you have any favorite blogs or podcasts not on these lists? Anything you’d like us to write about? Let us hear it!

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