PlaybackPro Plus Suite Including MacBook Pro with Retina Display and SSD.

PlaybackPro Plus sets the standard for full high-definition and standard definition playback. It surpasses the capabilities of DDRs, DVD players and video tape machines, and is tailored to the unique demands of the professional presentation industry.

PlaybackPro Plus is a multi-channel player that does cuts and dissolves between clips, has variable fade and kill settings, and allows individual control of each clip’s gain, saturation, gamma, volume and black levels.

It automatically adjusts to the output resolution and aspect ratio. Content in any ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc.) has infinite adjustability through sizing, stretching and cropping, yet it’s completely non-destructive to original files.  Virtually any file type can be played back by adding easy to find QuickTime components.

Clean clip aborting by fading out audio and video, full start and end point controls, easy fade-in and fade-out settings, time-elapsed and time-remaining counters, as well as convenient ‘Goto 10’, ‘Goto 20’ and ‘Goto 30’ buttons for rehearsal cue-to-cues are just a few of its many features.  PlaybackPro Plus can be used with our SimpleSync application for multiple  machine  synchronization (sync rolls).

Plugs directly into high-resolution switchers via DVI or VGA, and can utilize files on a high-speed RAID array or media network.

DVD video can be extracted with third party software, providing a significantly higher quality than when recording into another device (and finally fixes all of the issues with DVD playback in a professional environment).

With RecordPro (purchased separately), video and audio can be recorded from any firewire capture or DV device (such as a DV deck or camera), or any QuickTime compatible capture card.

PlaybackPro Plus is used is a wide variety of industries such as Corporate Meetings & Live Events, Broadcast, Sports and Education, just to name a few.

MacBook Pro Specs:
2.6Ghz Quad Core Intel i7
15.4\” Retina Display with 2880 x 1800 resolution
8GB Ram
512GB Flash SSD (solid state drive)
NVidia Video GeForce GT650M with 1GB of GDDR5 Memory
OSX 10.8.3

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