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Terms and Conditions:

The Terms and Conditions are attached to the quote.

Please locate and review these Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your order and please contact us with any questions.

Credit Card Policy:

AV Chicago, Inc. accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express to serve as payment for the order, and to serve as security deposit and order guarantee.

For any order being delivered by AV Chicago, the credit card will be processed up to three business days in advance of the scheduled delivery date.

For client pickups of Rental Orders:

If the equipment being picked up by the card holder, the payment will be processed at time of pickup.
If the pickup will be by other than the card holder, the card holder must provide advanced authorization to release the equipment to a specific indiviidual. Charges may be processed by AVC in advance if the card holder will not be personally picking up the equipment.

The credit card will be used to settle all charges for the order per the Terms and Conditions.

Phone: 312-229-4100 or toll free 888-709-9599

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